Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

We are a broker based in Essex which specialises in both public and employers liability insurance. This site has been setup to try highlight the critical requirement in the UK for businesses and sole traders to have liability insurance.

For each trade we insure we will be providing reasons why you should have insurance in place and examples of situations when the cover could be crucial.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Whilst public liability may not be a legal requirement it is still highly recommended to protect yourself and your business. If someone makes a claim against you for injury or property damage you have caused during the course of your occupation then the costs involved could be tremendous.

Do I need employers liability insurance?

If you are trading in the UK and have any employees then you are required by law to have employers liability insurance in effect with an indemnity limit of no less than £5,000,000. No matter how often the employee works for you or how much they are paid you will require this form of insurance if they are an employee. If you are unable to produce proof of cover upon request then you face the possibility of large daily fines.

Examples of public liability insurance claims

  • Builder - Whilst carrying a toolbox into the property you scraped it against a antique desk and caused damage.
  • Accountant - During a visit to a client you leave your briefcase on the floor which the client trips over and injures themselves.

Examples of employers liability insurance claims

  • Builder - One of your employees is working on a ladder you supplied them with and falls injuring themselves.
Liability Insurance