Liability insurance for electrician

Liability insurance for electrician

I'm an electrician, do I need liability insurance?

As an electrician there are several risks involved with your work meaning it is important to have a liability insurance policy in place.

What are some examples of possible liability claims for an electrician?

  • Whilst working at a property, your customer walks past and touches a bare wire and electricutes themselves.
  • You cause an electrical spark that starts a fire damaging the property you are working in.
This is only an indication of what could happen but I'm sure you can appreciate that there are many different examples of claims an electrician could have. Costs of liability claims can be very high and this is why indemnity levels normally begin at £1,000,000.

How much is will it cost for liability insurance for electrician?
Our rates are generally low so our price for an electrician will be very competitive. Instant cover is available via our website or over the phone.
Liability insurance for electrician