Liability insurance for plumber

Liability insurance for plumber

I'm a plumber, do I need liability insurance?

A plumber encounters many risks during an average day at work. It is imperative that cover is taken out to protect yourself from a potential liability claim for any damage you cause to third party property or any injury caused.

Give me some examples of possible liability claims for a plumber

  • You remove a pipe when water starts to leak everywhere flooding a client's property.
  • A spanner is dropped while working which lands on your customer's foot causing injury to them.
It is likely that any accident of this sort will cost a large sum of money to sort out so it is vital to have an adequate public liability insurance in place.

How much does it cost to have liability insurance for plumber
We deal with a panel of liability specialists that all offer competitive prices. Our online quote system will check all of these companies and present you with each of the results for you to make your decision on.
Liability insurance for plumber