Liability insurance for bathroom fitter

Liability insurance for bathroom fitter

I'm a bathroom fitter, do I need liability insurance?

Being a bathroom fitter, there are risks that you encounter every day. You may think these are never going to happen, but what happens if it does? Liability cover is essential for this and any other trade.

Give me some examples of possible liability claims for a bathroom fitter

  • You're fitting a new bath and while working on it you drop a hammer in the sink causing it to crack.
  • You slip on a wet floor in the bathroom and smash a mirror on the wall.
  • While carrying a new bath into a property, you drop it onto your customer causing injury to them.
You would be financially out of pocket if such an incident occurs so liability insurance is a necessity.

How much does it cost to have liability insurance for bathroom fitter
Although a full quotation is required to give you an accurate premium, our rates are highly competitive compared to other leading liability insurers so you won't need to shop around. We use a panel of insurers anyway to save you having to do this.
Liability insurance for bathroom fitter