Liability insurance for carpenter

Liability insurance for carpenter

I am a carpenter, why do I need liability insurance?

There are many risks associated with being a carpenter in the modern world. It only takes a slip of the mind and the worst can happen. If you cause property damage or injury during the course of your occupation then you can be held liable and the costs can be extremely high.

What are some examples of possible liability claims for a carpenter

  • Whilst carrying wood into a property you swing it round and accidentally hit someone causing them an injury.
  • You leave some tools like a saw on the floor and someone trips over them injuring themselves.
  • Whilst moving wood around in a property you accidentally hit an expensive item and cause damage to it.
These examples are just a few out of thousands of possible situations which could quite easily occur in your day to day work life. The costs of injury and property damage claims can be extremely high and without insurance these claims could ultimately cause you huge financial losses.

How much is liability insurance for a carpenter?
Carpentry is one of our lower rated risks when compared to occupations such as a roofer. The annual premium for a carpenter is extremely low and you can obtain an instant quote from ourselves and even go on cover online to print documents immediately.
Liability insurance for carpenter