Liability insurance for builder

Liability insurance for builder

I'm a builder, do I need liability insurance?

Being in the building trade you will appreciate the potential risks which crop up daily during the course of your occupation. It is important to protect yourself against any liability claims made against you for any damage you may cause to property or any injuries caused during your day to day work.

Give me some examples of possible liability claims for a builder

  • Whilst carrying a toolbox into a clients property you accidentally scrape it against an antique desk and damage it.
  • You leave a tool on the ground which your client then trips over and injures themselves
  • You may be putting a nail into a wall and accidentally hit a pipe which not only causes damage to the pipe but can also result in water damage to other items.
As you can imagine, the cost of these claims brought against you could be extremely high which highlights the obvious need to have public liability insurance.

How much does it cost to have liability insurance for builder
As a broker we search a panel of competitive insurance companies on your behalf and provide you with the best quotation based on premium, excess and terms. You can arrange liability insurance for a builder at a very low price and can pay online and print documents off straight away. Click the quote button to the right to find out just how cheap it can be.
Liability insurance for builder