Liability Insurance for Painter

Liability Insurance for Painter

I'm a painter, do I need any liability insurance?

Being in the painter and decorating trade you will understand the potential risks associated with such a job, for example it can be quite easy to accidentally cause damage to someones property such as dropping paints on a carpet or causing an injury by leaving equipment on the floor which your customer falls over. These two examples show a clear requirement for liability insurance.

Give me some examples of liability claims for a painter

  • Whilst painting a wall you accidentally drop a can of paint which spills onto the customers carpet causing paint damage.
  • Whilst working up a ladder you drop a tool which lands on an expensive desk and causes damage to the property.
  • Whilst carrying equipment into the property you drop paint on the customers property causing damage.
The potential costs associated with the incidents discussed above can obviously range from very low to potentially extremely high, especially when an injury is involved and compensation can generally be rather high.

How much will it cost to have liability insurance for painter
Because we are a broker we're able to search around a large panel of different insurers to find you a great price with the comprehensive cover you'd expect. Generally insurance for a painter through ourselves is extremely reasonable and we are able to provide cover and documents immediately.
Liability Insurance for Painter